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Thanks for checking in! Below, please find a list of my published releases from the last couple years. There’s a lot of great games, and a lot of great learning if you’re interested in mobile design and development processes. Get your hands on whatever you’ve got the time to play, give them a shot and let me know what you think! I’m always excited to talk design, and I’d love to hear from you.

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@DeNA Vancouver


Transformers: Battle Tactics (iOS & Android) – DeNA Vancouver. Systems design, live operations, event co-ordination & Localization Lead.


Go Go Ghost! (iOS & Android) – DeNA Vancouver. Character/systems design, live operations, event co-ordination & localization.

@IUGO Mobile Entertainment

Knights & DragonsKnights & Dragons (iOS & Android) – GREE Intl./IUGO Mobile Entertainment. Mechanics, content & layout designer.

Consistent iOS Top 25 Highest Grossing Title.

Rage of the ImmortalsRage of the Immortals(iOS & Android)– GREE Intl./IUGO Mobile Entertainment. Mechanics, content & layout designer. Monetization & retention concepts.

Battle Hackers

Battle Hackers (Android) – IUGO Mobile Entertainment. Live operations, event co-ordinator. Mechanics & layout designer.

AA Fairy TailsAnimal Academy: Fairy Tails (iOS) – IUGO Mobile Entertainment. Mechanics, content & layout designer. Monetization & retention concepts.

Animal AcademyAnimal Academy (iOS) – IUGO Mobile Entertainment. Mechanics designer, content writer.

Sunshine Cruise LinesSunshine Cruise Lines (iOS) – IUGO Mobile Entertainment. Systems & Mechanics designer, Character & Content design & writer.

@EA Canada

SSXSSX– EA Canada. Assistant Producer/Level Designer.


I am totally excited to have just wrapped work as Associate Producer on Transformers: Battle Tactics! A fantastic mobile tactical strategy game that takes proven, 4v4 PVP gameplay and marries it with one of my favourite licenses. Childhood dreams do come true!

Who Am I?

I’m Gord Cooper! I’m a seasoned game designer with over 15 years in gaming & management roles, and I’m looking for a place to really prove it!

Most recently, I have completed work on Transformers: Battle Tactics as Associate Producer. Prior to that, I was with IUGO Mobile on a multitude of projects, and EA Canada on SSX. And even before that, I spent a couple years in the mobile gaming space, working on games for the iPhone, Android, and other portable platforms.

If you want to see some examples of work that I think I really shine on, please, check out the buttons to your right – I’m sure if you’re here already, there’s going to be something there that piques your interest.

I hope you enjoy your stay! Let me know what I can do for you,


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