Home stretch, homeys.

So here we go – I’ve got a week and a half left in my first term at Vancouver Film School.  The workload has been tolerably busy, and the projects have been (for the most part) totally amazing and fun.

The fact that I sleep very little these days doesn’t really faze me anymore.  The minute I get there to school, the creativity gets turned on, and it doesn’t really dissipate for the day until I’m falling asleep, still thinking about how this piece of a level I’m working on needs more of something, or how I should shoot this scene for a visual assignment.

It’s been a busy couple months, and it only gets busier – apparently, Term 3 is the hell term, from everything I’ve heard.  I’m a decent time management guy, and I’ve been managing staff and myself for years now, so I’m definitely up to the task.  Hell, I’ve even got a little girl on the way mid-September, so I’m looking forward to a pretty challenging year.  Does it bother me at all though?

Never.  I’m doing exactly what I want, and moving towards something that I want to do for the rest of my life, in both aspects.  I’m an expectant father and a student of an art I love, and I will be the father of a beautiful little girl, and a game designer.  These aren’t things that just come along every day.  I am savouring every minute of this, and I’m never looking back.

I love you, Anya, and I love our little baby that you’re keeping safe for us both.  I miss you guys, but when the year is over, I’ll be able to see more of you.

You’re the greatest,



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