Vacation is a great time for working

Seriously, I can’t even understand, physically, how I’ve got this much time off.  My wife and I have been altering our house to a great degree, and it’s not so bad, actually.  It’s totally cleaned up, we installed new lighting, and we’re installing a new sink in the next few days.  The babies’ room is cleaned out, and we’re moving baby stuff into that room.  It’s going well, and I’m happy.

In the next day or so, I’ve gotta really start hitting the Unreal Editor 3 videos that I’ve got.  I’d like to really burn through the tutorials that came with Unreal 3, so I’ve got a better understanding of the toolset going back to school.  One of my friends was good enough to donate some PC parts towards the cause, so we will see soon enough if I can get the game up and running at the house, as well as school.  Probably be a good idea if I’d like to see my family in the next 10 months or so 😉

Keep watching!  I’m going to update the portfolio in the next few days, hopefully.  I’m debating uploading the assets for my board game there – anyone interested?  Let me know!


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