Level Design – CTF WaspsNest

In WaspsNest, my classmate Malcolm and I were challenged to design a map that would accommodate 18-20 players, and make it pop with some ‘wow’ factor.  We took the tack of creating something claustrophobic, with tight passages for close combat, hidden passages for weapon refreshes, and a big, open centre area that allowed for high-powered gunfights, with the ever-present threat of the lava pit that kept the room well-lit.

My role on the project was pre-concept, then lighting, decoration, and paper map overview. The lighting scheme was to have Blue/Red bases designated by the lighting, allowing the player a visual cue that kept them in the game, even if the terrain was laid out to specifically cause chaos during the flag take/return portion of the game.

WaspsNest technical overview

In-Editor overview of WaspsNest being built

Close combat area in the Blue Base

The open centre area. The bridge offers a sniper rifle drop to the very brave

A side passage in the Red Base, leading to an ammo refresh area


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