Level Design – Without You

Tasked with creating a mission-based level, my design focused more on the story and cyclical progression of the player through the level to accomplish tasks and revisit certain parts of the area.  In that, the ‘U District’ is a close, compacted area filled with places for the player to visit and gain information, close enough that revisiting an area isn’t a burden on the players’ time.

The level was designed in Google Sketchup, as it was primarily a pre-concept for a storytelling vehicle, with the level design catering to the needs of the player in context of the story progression.

Download the full pictorial walk-through here

A coffee shop, used to practice investigation techniques, and a hub for the book-based puzzles in the level

Overview of the community park, looking out on the city. Park allowed for a side-mission (chess) that could unlock further content in the school library

The University. At the end of a series of bookstores and curio shops, the U District is shadowed by this old school


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